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Over the years, people have come to a lifestyle where stress and busyness are indispensable. It is therefore necessary to provide relaxation on a daily basis. Wellness helps keep our body and mind healthy and young. It is the ideal remedy to relax. On this site you can learn more about our products and the necessary explanation.

Need peace or conviviality, find your product through one of our categories and enjoy!

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31189 /en/shop/detail/spa/intex-spa-spare-parts/general/intex-purespa-cover-for-filter-housing /imgs/placeholder.png Intex PureSpa cover for filter housing INTEX-11797
31188 /en/shop/detail/spa/intex-spa-spare-parts/general/intex-purespa-filter-housing /imgs/placeholder.png Intex PureSpa filter housing INTEX-11798
31187 /en/shop/detail/pools/pool-products/various/line-clean-water-line-cleaner-1-liter /media/images/producten/1680x1260/20240405_113708_Line_Clean_waterlijnreinige.jpg Line Clean water line cleaner 1 liter PP-3034040090
31180 /en/shop/detail/clothes/dresses/dress-little-dutch-beige /media/images/producten/1680x1260/20240404_230951_CL24025006.jpg Dress Little Dutch beige LD-JURK-BEIGE
31173 /en/shop/detail/clothes/dresses/dress-little-dutch-denim /media/images/producten/1680x1260/20240404_230916_CL24025018.jpg Dress Little Dutch denim LD-JURK-DENIM

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24088 /en/shop/detail/sales/minions-flip-flops-traffic /media/images/producten/1680x1260/un09906-2_st-un09906-traf.jpg Minions flip-flops traffic ST-UN09906-TRAF
21508 /en/shop/detail/sales/downy-air-bed-191-cm-x-137-cm-x-22-cm /media/images/producten/1680x1260/lit-gonflable-de-duvet-191-x-137-x-22-cm_intex-66928.jpg Downy air bed 191 cm x 137 cm x 22 cm INTEX-66928
20456 /en/shop/detail/sales/whale-seat-ride-on /media/images/producten/1680x1260/siege-gonflable-ride-on-balaine_intex-58561.jpg Whale seat Ride-on INTEX-58561
23899 /en/shop/detail/sales/horizontal-pipe-12156 /media/images/producten/1680x1260/12156_intex-12156.jpg Horizontal pipe 12156 INTEX-12156
24628 /en/shop/detail/sales/vanish-curtains-600-gram /media/images/producten/1680x1260/12106_bb-12106.jpg Vanish curtains 600 gram BB-12106

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Our experts and friendly staffare ready to help you find the perfect swimming pool products to suit your unique needs and budget. We strive to provide you with the best possible shopping experience, including fast and reliable deliveryand excellent customer service. Whether you are an experienced pool enthusiast or are just starting to explore the world of swimming pools, we are here to help find everything you need to enjoy your pool experience. We look forward to helping you with all your pool needs.

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